Tazmanian Devil DeWitt, but you can call me TAZ

Julie and David DeWitt


I am currently second in command in the DeWitt household of two dogs. It is a really big job!

Crime? Yes, if a felony includes loving my Mom and Dad more than life!

When I was rescued from the streets of Indianapolis, my Mom immediately enrolled me at BARK TUDOR. What a cool place! I learned all kinds of commands, of which many I have forgotten, but met a lot of great guys and gals who I refer to as my “Bark Tudor Pawsy”. We got to know one another very well because I was there for three months, yep, couldn’t get enough of sit, stay, place, down, off, you know what I am talking about. I did escape from the joint one day and the camp leaders found me outside doing my business, all was good, I just needed some privacy. I would say I really excelled at taking treats and nap time. All day training really wears a guy out!! Whew, thank goodness I graduated!!

Favorites & Faults

  • Favorite Toy I am not really big on toys, mostly because my sister loves on all the toys and her slobber is GROSS!
  • Favorite Food That’s a good question, I would have to say .1. STEAK, 2. SASHIMI, and 3. FROSEN PEANUT BUTTER.
  • Favorite Pastime Since I have perfected nap time, it has to be sleeping on the sofa or my super comfy beds that are everywhere for me to catch some ZZZZZZZs.
  • Pet Peeve? Now that I am not on the run, I’m a pretty laid back dude, so nothing really gets me peeved, even though my sister eats my food and drinks all the water.
  • Naughtiest Deed? I have run free a few times but that was a long time ago and know I have a good gig with my Mom and Dad so I am actually perfect now!

Why I should be elected as Mayor of Omena

I love Omena and everything about it! This will be my third summer and am ready to assume a key leadership role to ensure all living beings are cared for in this fabulous place. I am an all American dog because I am a Heinz 57 times 2. I have all American ideals and promise to address all concerns and be kind to everyone. As you can see, I have been around the block a few times and feel confident in my ability to serve Omena well! VOTE for TAZ!! VOTE FOR TAZ!! VOTE FOR TAZ!!