The Story of Grove Hill School

Our Presentation on Thursday, September 8th at the Omena Presbyterian Church was a huge success, with 75 people in attendance.  Mark explored the efforts of Reverend Peter Dougherty in his establishment of one of the first residential schools for Native Americans in the country, in 1853.  Find out how this residential school was more enlightened and compassionate than the oppressive government-run schools which would follow. Click here for a copy of the Power Point presentation and click here for the original essay, with source citation.

Our Current Exhibit

The Clovers Hotel/Manna House: From Build to Burn

The Omena Historical Society’s Putnam-Cloud Tower House Museum will open the season on Saturday, June 25, with a Community Open House from 12 noon to 5pm. A new exhibit will be highlighted, “The Clovers Hotel/Manna House: From Build to Burn”.

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While many Omena folks worked at the Clovers during its years of operation from 1898-1956 very few remain to tell of it. There are letters and photos that give us a glimpse of the charmed summer lives of the resort era guests. We have
descriptions, but no photos, of the sumptuous furnishings and interiors of the
several buildings. The Manna House years were altogether different….

Come and see our exhibit and learn the fascinating and largely untold story of the Clovers, and its transformation in the 1970’s to Manna House, as well as the eventual decline and controlled burn of this iconic building.  

Our Recent Exhibit…..